Parisian Creme Brulee (80ml Shortfill)


A succulent combination of smooth vanilla custard and luscious caramel, culminating with a crisp, sugary dessert finish.

Sitting in an elegant Parisian café, silver moonlight illuminated the distant city skyline. A waitress placed a delectable crème brulee on my table; its surface the same golden glow as the streetlamps surrounding me.

The crunchy surface gave way to a delicate, creamy custard, enhanced by notes of crisp, burnt sugar. An intricate combination of rich vanilla and deep caramel enveloped my senses, elevating me to heights beyond the Eiffel Tower itself.


Inspired by French tea traditions. Manufactured in the UK. Our liquid blends are comprised of 75% VG / 25% PG. Perfect for Sub Ohm devices.

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